Italy-Brazil R2B workshop


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The Research-to-Business (R2B) event focuses on creating a synergistic "systems consortium" between scientific and industrial partners of the two countries (Italy and Brazil). All Italian and Brazilian players of hydrogen and related fields are welcome to attend to the communications related to the most relevant and updated solutions for moving or converting their business into H2's related fields. Presentations are only under the invitation although the audience can ask questions.

The workshop will take place on 22nd of September 2021, from 15:15 to 18:15 CET.

List of speakers and scientific programme:

  • WELCOME - His Excellency the Ambassador Francesco Azzarello (Embassy of Italy in Brasilia)
  • Ulisses A. Rêgo, Ricardo Sgarbi, Andrii Koverga, Ana M. Gómez–Marin, Edson A . Ticianelli (IQSC-USP) - Energy conversion on water electrolysis and fuel cells: non noble catalysts for the hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions
  • Giulia Monteleone, Viviana Cigolotti (ENEA) - H2 value chain: initiatives for the technological development and the role of R&D to support the national industry
  • Paulo Emílio Valadão de Miranda (President of Brazilian Hydrogen Association - ABH2) - Hydrogen Energy in the Brazilian Context
  • Dario Montinaro (SOLID Power Inc.) - Industrial scale SOC manufacturing challenges and achievements: the experience of SOLID Power SpA
  • Rafael Jose Deitos (Diretor Técnico do Parque Tecnológico Itaipu) - Renewable-based Hydrogen Opportunities in Electrical Energy Sector
  • Gaetano Santonocito (President of IBC ENERGY) - Green hydrogen applications in automotive and energy supply
  • Daniel Gabriel Lopes (Commercial Director of Hytron) - Solutions for renewable H2 production
  • Sandra Barba (Team member of Enel Green Power’s Business Development in Brazil) - Green Hydrogen as a complement to electrification
  • Giovani Vitória Machado (Diretor de Estudos Econômico-Energéticos e Ambientais da Empresa de Pesquisa Energética)



Chairs of the Italy-Brazil workshop

    Massimiliano Lo Faro - CNR-ITAE - Italy
    Daniel Augusto Cantane - PTI - Brazil


Organizing Commitee

    Fabio Naro - Embassy of Italy in Brasilia
    Letterio Gatto - Polito
    Rolando Pedicini - CNR-ITAE
    Giuseppe Spazzafumo - UniCassino
    Ivonice Campos - Ministério da Cidadania